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Why Partner With Dare Links Media Concepts

Join Dare Links Media Concepts’ free Social Influencer Partner Program. Where being a social media user pays big. No matter, if you’re a Celebrity, Digital Marketer, or an Ordinary Social Media User with large followers and high engagement rates, Dare Links Media Concepts can help you generate a substantial amount of RECURRING INCOME by simply getting your followers to use our services.

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How It Works

Message your followers

Send promotional post to all your social media followers or contacts. Every message contains your unique promo code to track your conversions when any of your followers or contacts demand our services

Create Content

Creation of promotional content in your own thought and style is allowed. Such content is subjected to review to ensure it conforms with company's brand, goals, and objectives. Every content created must contain your unique promo code to track your conversions.

Boost Post

Boosting a promotional post or content may help you reach new and more people who are likely interested in our services and don't currently follow you. This can increase your earnings

Steps To Join The Social Influencer Partner Program

  • Submission of Online Application

  • Reviewing/Selection of Application

  • On-boarding Selected Influencers to Forum

  • Reading and signing of Influencer agreement

  • Promote our services and start earning

Interested in becoming a partner?

Read Our FAQs And Apply

Click here and go through the registration process. It is free!

When you’ve been successfully selected and added to forum, your referral code would be sent to you.

If you don’t use the referral code, we won’t be able to track your conversions. That means you’ll not earn any commission.

Our compensation plan is based on cost per conversion. This means commission will be paid based on referred sales.

Depending on the number of sales generated through your referral code. Read the Influencer agreement to see the details.

The payment process is done electronically. Your commissions will always be transferred to your bank account on every 25th of the month.

Every form submitted by your referral contains your unique code. This form will be sent to the forum immediately the referral is converted to sale. In order for every influencer to see their performance.

To enter your account details, you’ve to read the influencer agreement to see the section where to include your bank details.

No. We believe that influencers should have the freedom to work with any agency they wish and have the full right to their own accounts.



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