It is widely known that having a different last name with your children will cause a few problems especially for woman.

Some woman, in this new age, keep their maiden name after the wedding. Because changing it meant having to give in to the norms of society and it makes them feel like they are being ‘washed’ away their personalities.

For many, it is just too much pressure and this emanates a sense of inequality in marriage.

This situation becomes muddled up, when children come into the scene. Do they get their father’s last name? Or take their mother’s maiden name? Or both last names? Traditionally, children take their father’s last name.

Imagine as a woman with different last name, travelling outside the country with your children and you are being accused of abduction and child trafficking only because your children don’t share your last name. It is pathetic!

Not only that, it can also lead to confusion in the public places like school, hospital, and even when the children are seeking employment.

What of, when most people will assume you are divorced or your children pay attention to how everyone addresses you, they may be confused and start asking various questions. You need to avoid all these embarrassments.

Now, these issues are not enough for you to worry about. Keeping your maiden name is essential, but there is a need to weigh the cost of every action.

A compound name i.e combination of your husband’s and your name, may be the solution. This compound name links you and your children but you need to agree with the man if the children will take the compound name.

Whatever the name decision, it is essential to make public declaration on a national newspaper about your name choice. For support on this, simply book with Dare Links Media Concepts for the processing. It is affordable!

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